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Kids/ Pediatric Dentist / Pedodontists

Pediatric dentist in Dwarka

Best Kids Dentist or Pediatric Dentist in Dwarka (Pedodontist): Experts in Kid’s Dental Care

Looking for an experienced childrens Dentist or Pedodontist/pediatric dentist in Dwarka, then you can rely on us as we are multi-specialty dental clinic & a team of dental specialists in Dwarka working under single roof.

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Who are Pedodontists?

Pedodontists are specialists who are professional experts in taking care of children’s dental condition. Often referred as a pediatric dentist, they are the pediatrician in dentistry. Right from birth to adolescence, these specialists perform all aspects of dental health and care including tooth extractions and filling cavities.

They also specialize in preventative dentistry and oral care and maintenance. The pedodontists undergo additional training in understanding and analysis children dental structure.

What do Pedodontists do?

The pedodontists focus on various conditions that affect or prevent proper dental growth and development in children and youth.

They treat dental disorders, perform dental surgeries and operate on specific dental problems that are specific for kids, children and teens. Some of their common dental services include tooth extractions, tooth fillings and other preventive treatments.

Advantage of Pedodontist Over Other Dentists


When it comes to child dental care and oral health, a pedodontist must always be consulted as they are more efficient and qualified to treat dental problems in children.

  • First, they receive good training and guidance in child development. They have vast knowledge in pediatric oral health as well as behavioral management. In short, they are purely made for children so that they can diagnose effectively and study their problems in a better way.
  • Second, they also receive good training in meeting the needs of both normal children as well as those with special needs. They have an overall understanding about children behavior and mindset and address their problems accordingly.
  • Third, they are the ones who communicate with families more than their patients that are children and teens. As the early ages of life are being guided and observed by parents, therefore the experts talk and discuss with them so that they can have a good understanding of the actual problems faced by the child. Often, children and teens are unable to express their problems and dental fears, which is why pedodontist prefer to talk with guardians and then children.
  • Fourth, Pedodontists also suggest suitable oral and dental care and measures that are most suitable for children. As have been through in-depth training and understanding of child dental aspects, they provide best-ever solutions that work wonders for every children, with any kind of dental concern.
  • Finally, they also give useful tips and suggestions to parents about holistic approach towards well-being of a child. They offer complete range of advice concerning nutrition and hygiene, which are related to dental care.

First visit of child to dentist

Dentists strongly recommend that the first visit of every child should happen by the first year of birth. This prevents the risk of facing an early childhood cavity.

Those who are at a risk of having cavities must visit a dentist by the first birthday. As pre-school children are more prone to get cavities, parents should make an appointment and consult a professional dentist.

In the first child’s visit, parents must discuss a complete range of dental issues and concerns that are crucial to children.

They must enquire the ways to take care of the infant’s mouth, proper use of fluoride, oral habits such as finger licking and thumb sucking, ways to avoid accidents that can pose threat to face and teeth, teething and milestones of development and how their infant’s diet and oral health be linked and well maintained.

By placing these general concerns, parents can also develop a firm idea about their child’s dental health and well being and be extra careful regarding dental growth and development within their toddlers.

However, parents must choose the right dentist by asking people, friends, colleagues and relatives. They must also prepare their toddlers by being friendly, gentle and kind.

Dental care of any child

Baby teeth play an important role in helping children to chew, bite and speak clearly. Therefore, proper care needs to be taken by the following measures:

  • Prior to getting the first teeth, the gums of baby tooth must be wiped by using a gum massager, a washing cloth or clean damp gauze. Once teeth come in, brushing twice a day with a soft bristled toothbrush and water is mandatory.
  • Proper hygiene and diet must be given so that teeth don’t face cavities, acid and other harmful bacteria. For those at a risk of cavities, sugar and starch must be avoided, as much as possible.

Dental issues common in children & proper care of the issues

Common issues & care

  • Cavities: Having cavities at early childhood is detrimental for oral health and care. Cavities also lead to further dental complications within teeth and gums. Therefore, children must be given a sugar-free and starch-free diet to prevent growth of cavities.
  • Tooth decay: Owing to starchy diet or finger licking and sucking habits, children develop decaying substance in their teeth. As a cure, parents must grow healthy dental habits within children, from a very early age.

To know more about how to take care of your child’s dental health & to get the first dental checkup of your kid, call us for an appointment.

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