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Smile Makeover

perfect smile

A Perfect Dental Clinic for Smile Makeover in Dwarka

Smile Makeover for a Perfect Wedding is a must nowadays. Even would be brides and grooms having a perfect smile, opt for a Smile Makeover to remove the slightest of flaw they may have and we are glad to say that we are a team of experienced Dental Specialists who can take care of your smallest of issue with in depth care.

Wedding is a life-changing event in everyone’s life and all couples wish to bear the perfect look to capture all of best moments surrounding the grand event.

Right from the attire to the roses, everything undergoes a detailed thought-process. Then, why not smile?

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For getting the best shots, one needs to smile blissfully and brightly showcasing love, commitment and compassion. However, if a person panics or feels embarrassed to bear a gentle smile on the very special day, nothing can be worse than this.

Therefore, for those who dream a perfect wedding, must take proper care and maintenance to ensure that nothing hinders their beautiful smile on their faces. And, to do this, there are various dental services that can assure the desirable white smile to call it a perfect wedding.

  • Bleaching & Teeth Whitening: When teeth whitening are done by using bleach, it is called bleaching. In any case, it either restores natural shade or gives more whitening beyond the natural shade. It does so by removing surface stains and calculus or tarter from the teeth. Dental professionals do so and as a result one is sure to fine white shining teeth, set for wedding. There are different procedures to enhance tooth shades. One can also try out teeth whitening toothpaste, which should be given substantial time for the results to be visible. If wedding is very near, one must consult a dentist to know more about the outcome.
  • Even Teeth: Scaling services should be accessed to get fine even teeth. Often, teeth are not well shaped in size and bear an irregular look. By availing scaling and other dental procedures, one shall benefit by having good evenly shaped teeth that deliver good smiles on face. These procedures give good quality look and structure to tooth, allowing the smile happen naturally.
  • Tooth Polishing: The tooth surface is smoothened by using a prophy cup, which is a small motorized rubber cup used along with an abrasive polishing compound. There are other equipments such as prophy angle, bristle brush, dental tape and air-powder polishing, which are also used during the process. It not only gives a fine polishing to the tooth surface but also prevents plaque accumulation. Also, a lot of dirt and germs get accumulated within teeth and gums. Teeth appear neat, clean and tidy, after the service.
  • Cosmetic Tooth Contouring: Tooth contouring helps in wide range of tooth problems such as cracked teeth, chipped teeth, overlapping teeth and damaged teeth. In just one session, people can have their specific problems corrected by professional dentists and head for an awesome wedding ahead. In this process, computer imaging is used to show how the teeth will appear after the treatment. Dentists mark the tooth which needs to be corrected and conducts sculpting process to heal any problem. This treatment also eliminates tooth imperfections and one can have finely smoothened and polished teeth structure. With this treatment, smile gets improved and teeth come in shape.
  • Restorative dental work: Teeth that are broken, stained and damaged can be very well restored by dental procedures. Professional dentists conduct these services to improve overall dental structure and teeth. Typically, there are three kinds of restorative routes; bonding, veeners and crowns.Bonding helps in enhancing the appearance of broken, cracked and stained teeth. The tooth-colored materials are applied or bonded to the surface of the tooth.Veeners are most popular among wedding couples with the custom-made shells covering the front side of the teeth and also being used to treat gaps between teeth.Crowns serve as an excellent alternative to porcelain veeners, whereby a tooth-shaped cap is placed over the tooth, thereby restoring proper shape, size and strength of tooth and giving it a fine appearance during smile.
  • Repairing Crooked Tooth: Wedding being a vital day, crooked tooth should be healed at any cost. Crooked tooth spoils the smiling face and ruins photos. Those suffering from this problem shall treat it by consulting an orthodontist and follow the suggestions and advice. One can also get a retainer fit by the specialist. This helps in having a proper tooth shape and structure, thereby ensuring pleasant smile all throughout wedding.
  • Braces Treatment (if required): Modern braces help in straightening crooked and ill-shaped tooth. It is also suitable for reducing crowding or filling missing gaps between teeth. Often, in many cases, teeth don’t meet and adjoin. These kinds of problems can be solved by opting for fine quality braces. With a change in technology, braces are no more inconvenient, rather they can be worn all the time and results in a perfect straight smile on the very special wedding day.

One must start early before marriage so that any dental problem can be corrected and the desired smile can come naturally on the BIG DAY.